Thursday April 7, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Track 1: Quality
Track 3: Sustainability
Track 5: Visibility
Juggling Apples and Oranges: Triangulating Assessment Results at Best Practices State University

WSCUC defines triangulation as “the use of multiple methods to generate more robust evidence and to see whether results converge or diverge.” This is easier said than done, given the apples-and-oranges nature of the evidence. When confronted with those “multiple methods,” many will have trouble making sense of the results. Attendees will explore this problem through a fictional case study, entitled Best Practices State University (BPSU). After brief reports, the moderators will present the case study of triangulation at their own institution.

Bruno Giberti
Professor and Faculty Coordinator
Cal Poly
Mary Pedersen
Vice Provost
Cal Poly
Jack Phelan
Director of Academic Assessment
Cal Poly