Thursday April 7, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Track 1: Quality
Track 2: Equality & Opportunity
Track 5: Visibility
David Chase
Vice Dean, Academic Affairs
American Film Institute Conservatory
Giving our Students the Capacity to Apply Multi-Disciplinary Knowledge to Solve Real World Problems

Working together with a non-profit for the enrichment of the lives of incarcerated youth, Otis College’s multidisciplinary program, Creative Action, found that giving real-world purpose to the class not only fulfilled the new learning objectives, creating meaningful outcomes and reflections, but also inspired student compassion.

Richard Shelton
Director of Creative Action
Otis College of Art and Design
Akuyoe Graham
Spirit Awakening
Masauso Chiumya
Creative Director
Spirit Awakening
Assessing Professional Development for College Students

CalArts trains students to teach arts education to underserved youth in Los Angeles County. This presentation will discuss how the institute built inclusive assessment strategies into the culture of the co-curricular programs to better support college students and youth participants without eradicating the intrinsic originality and dynamism of arts education.

Jennifer Rosales
Director of Research and Assessment, CAP
California Institute of the Arts