Thursday April 7, 8:30 am – 9:30 am
Track 1: Quality
Track 3: Sustainability
Lisa Bortman
Assistant Provost
Pepperdine University
Using Concept Mapping for Curricular Planning

Various industries have lamented that graduates arrive at the workplace in need of additional training. Through concept mapping, academic degree programs can gather a wealth of input from a diverse set of knowledgeable stakeholders in regards to curricular planning to ensure that they produce the graduates that their fields seek.

Sean Fitzpatrick
Assistant Professor
John F. Kennedy University
Adrienne McGraw
Program Chair - Museum Studies
John F. Kennedy University
You Can Take That to the Bank: Building Curriculum That Enhances Critical Work and Life Skills

Facilitators will demonstrate a resource bank to improve teaching and learning of content and critical skills that support student engagement in their education and the global community. The takeaway for participants will be skills to create a resource bank and discussion board prompts that enhance essential work and life skills.

Ellen Derwin
Associate Dean
Brandman University
Marnie Elam
Associate Professor of Psychology
Brandman University