Thursday April 7, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Track 1: Quality
Track 2: Equality & Opportunity
Melinda Jackson
Director of Assessment
San Jose State University
Infusing Critical Thinking Skills into Curriculum and Assessment

Critical thinking is a foundational skill of effective citizenship in a rapidly changing global society. The assumption that critical thinking can be effectively taught in one singular course is erroneous. This presentation discusses best practices in teaching and assessment that enhances critical thinking across all facets of the curriculum.

Gale Mazur
Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership and Human Resources
Brandman University, Irvine Campus
Kat Ringenbach
Professor of Psychology
Brandman University, Antelope Valley Campus
Presentation materials: 
Using History as a Mirror: World War II Student Research as a Vehicle for Inspiring Critical Thinking, Social Change, and Self-Growth

History is typically assessed by testing students’ recognition and recall of content. This presentation shares an innovative approach of creating meaningful independent World War II historical research projects to connect history in a real and personal way to students’ life experiences. This develops critical thinking skills through applied learning.

Leigh Ann Wilson
Assistant Professor, History
Brandman University