Thursday April 7, 11:15 am  – 12:15 pm  
Track 1: Quality
Track 5: Visibility
Stephnie Hopple
Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
California Southern University
Transforming the Faculty: The Teaching Through Feedback Approach

The Teaching Through Feedback model was developed by a team at Northcentral University, a predominately graduate online university. The faculty were trained in it, and an ongoing faculty development process that includes regular coaching and evaluation assures that faculty are fully understanding it and implementing it appropriately.

Jeannette Lovern
Associate Director, Faculty Support and Development
Northcentral University
Enchancing Faculty Capacity to Support Student Success

Academic leaders demonstrate through implementation of faculty support and development procedures, increased faculty focus on student engagement and critical thinking within online learning. Presenters will share challenges, recommendations, and lessons learned from first and second course support, faculty mentoring, embedded professional development, and processes utilized in reviewing instructional practice.

Denise Maxwell
Associate Dean, College of Education
Ashford University
Tony Farrell
Executive Dean, College of Education
Ashford University
Lizy Lamboy
Vice Provost of Faculty Services
Ashford University