Thursday April 7, 11:15 am  – 12:15 pm  
Errin Heyman
Dean of Educational Effectiveness
University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
Learning from Program Reviews

Formerly, the Educational Effectiveness Committee (EEC) evaluated the quality of Program Reviews. To transform the university to an assessment-friendly culture of evidence, the EEC has adopted a new learning approach to Program Review that annually assesses the state of the university and promotes program quality through assessment of students.

Mark Goor
Special Assistant to the Provost
University of La Verne
Cindy Olivas
Chair, Educational Effectiveness Committee
University of La Verne
Sammy Elzarka
Director, Center for Advancement of Faculty Excellence
University of La Verne
Tastes Great, Less Filling: Refocusing Program Review to Things Faculty Actually Care About

For the past 20 years, CSUMB has been challenged to create program review that engages faculty and produces useful information. This session presents a recent effort to refocus the process on recently adopted institutional learning outcomes, assessment of student learning, and student success while reducing workload.

Fran Horvath
Assoc VP, Academic Plng & Inst. Effectiveness
California State University, Monterey Bay
Swarup Wood
First Year Seminar Coordinator and Professor
California State University, Monterey Bay