Thursday April 7, 11:15 am  – 12:15 pm  
Track 2: Equality & Opportunity
Dennis Nef
Vice Provost
California State University Fresno
Next Generation, First Generation©: Publishing Personal Narratives to Activate Achievement for the Public Good

The future of higher education relies on creating opportunities for first generation students to advance the public good by attaining academic and psychosocial success. A cutting edge, academic-based initiative, the HP Narrative Project, promotes asset-based self-efficacy while integrating high-level writing skills in collaboration with MFA students to achieve this goal.

Gloria Sosa
Assistant Professor of Counseling and Co-Director, High Potential Program
Saint Mary's College of California
Tracy Pascua Dea
Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success and Co-Director, High Potential Program
Saint MAry's College of California
Sense of Belonging in First Generation Students through Faculty Student Relationships

First-generation students, particularly students of color (e.g., African Americans and Latinos), encounter a myriad of obstacles in their pursuit of post-secondary education. Students report feelings of alienation and isolation leading to poor retention. For first-generation students, the sense of belonging fostered through faculty-student interactions can be a catalyst for college completion. Sense of belonging is defined as a basic human need and motivation sufficient unto itself to impact a student’s personal and social development and their academic success.

Lisa Bortman
Assistant Provost
Pepperdine University
Dalia Juarez
Doctoral Student
Pepperdine University
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