Thursday April 7, 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Track 1: Quality
Track 2: Equality & Opportunity
Track 4: Affordability
Designing Public Good: Interdisciplinary Programs that Change Pedagogy, Practice, and Policy
A new curriculum spans Neuro-Architecture to Healthy Urbanism. Neuroscientists, architects, disability educators, and clinicians work across disciplines to teach the design of healthy environments. Our panel describes the evolution of trans-disciplinary pedagogy and inter-institutional collaborations that add depth and breadth of knowledge in accredited degrees and professional certificates.
Eve Edelstein
Director, Neuro-architecture program
NewSchool of Architecture & Design
Marvin Malecha
President & Chief Academic Officer
NewSchool of Architecture & Design
Kurt Hunker
Director, Graduate Programs
NewSchool of Architecture & Design
Michael Stepner
Professor Architecture & Urban Design
NewSchool of Architecture & Design
Caren Sax
Professor, College of Education
San Diego State University