Thursday April 7, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Sector Connector: Health Sciences Institutions

Taking Advantage of Synergies Between Programmatic Accreditation and WSCUC Requirements in the Health Sciences

Institutions with health science programs work with their regional accreditor (e.g., WSCUC) to achieve institutional accreditation and with specialty accreditors (such as CCNE for Nursing) for the accreditation of their professional programs. This session’s discussion will focus on how such institutions might:

  • Increase effective interaction between regional and programmatic accreditation
  • Reduce redundancy in assessment efforts between regional and programmatic accreditation processes
  • Share and find examples of accreditation “crosswalks”
  • Conduct effective meta-analyses (beyond the crosswalks)
  • Develop guidelines for contextualizing WSCUC Standards and CFRs for health science institutions with emphasis on graduate professional education
  • Determine to what extent WSCUC graduate institutions can deviate from standard assessment processes developed primarily for comprehensive, predominantly-undergraduate institutions

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WSCUC ARC 2016 - Sector Connector from WASC Senior (WSCUC)

Ronald L. Carter
Loma Linda University
Chris Cullander
Director (retired) of Institutional Research and Independent Consultant
University of California San Francisco
Becky Bossert
Loma Linda University
Marilyn Eggers
Loma Linda University