Wednesday April 6, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Spanning the Co-Curricular Assessment Gap: Demonstrating Student Engagement and Learning within Student Affairs

The recent emergence of assessment work within Student Affairs has pushed many beyond program evaluation and into the critical conversations of student success (learning & engagement).  This development has brought many new questions to the forefront of our work.

  • What is working well… and what’s not?  Where do we even start this process?  How is Student Affairs assessment different/similar to academic assessment?
  • What institutional partnerships are critical to this development?  Additionally, what divisional expectations and support are required?
  • How do Student Affairs professionals step into assessment without a formalized class setting for standard direct/indirect evidence?   How can Student Affairs professionals maximize their unique vantage point on students through creative non-traditional assessment?
  • What work needs to be done in translating our work to the academic side?   How can we prevent talking past each other and utilize shared language for creating curricular traction?  How do we educate our academic colleagues as to our learning outcomes and our results?

Come join the conversation, contribute your successes and learn something new from the group!

Kevin Grant
Assistant Dean of Student Development
Biola University
Kristin Dees
Assistant Director of Student Life
Cal Lutheran