Thursday April 7, 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm
Becoming a WSCUC Peer Evaluator

Have you thought about volunteering to be on a WSCUC evaluation team? Would you like to know what’s involved in doing a visit to an institution, or serving on a WSCUC committee? Come to this informal discussion and hear from WSCUC and a panel of WSCUC evaluators and committee members about what is expected, what the benefits are for individuals and institutions, and next steps for becoming a peer evaluator.

Jeff Ewing
Associate Vice President for Accreditation Services
WASC Senior College and University Commission
Geoff Chase
Vice President
WASC Senior College and University Commission
Institutional representative: Seri Luangphinith
Professor of English, Chair of Humanities
University of Hawaii at Hilo
Institutional representative: Kelly Wahl
Director of Statistical Analysis