Thursday April 7, 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm
K-12 and Higher Education: Shortage of Public School Teachers and Other Issues & Opportunities

Join us for an informal discussion about issues and opportunities impacting K-12 and higher education, including the shortage of public school teachers, Common Core and its implications for higher education, and other emerging K-12 / higher ed topics.

The Chart Book, which contains charts and graphs illustrating important points from the Addressing California’s Emerging Teacher Shortage:

LPI policy brief - Teacher Residencies: Building a High-Power Sustainable Workforce, that accompanies the full report:

The full  LPI report and the subset of power points:

Article on teacher residencies as an approach to dealing with the teacher shortage:

The Need for High-Impact Teacher Preparation:

Article about CA State teacher shortage:

Christopher Cross
WSCUC Commissioner, Public Member
Chairman of Cross & Joftus, LLC
Leah Williams
WSCUC Commissioner, Public Member
General Counsel, WestEd
Margaret Gaston
WSCUC Commissioner, Public Member
Gaston Education Policy Associates