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Platinum Sponsor

LiveText's founding is rooted in educator preparation. Since 1997, we have empowered our partner Colleges of Education to innovate and engage in meaningful learning and assessment practices to help students and institutions reach their goals. Our technology collects and reports student-learning data for accreditation and continuous improvement. 

LiveText's Assessment Conference, July 11 - 13, 2016 at the Renaissance Hotel Chicago.  For more information, visit www.livetextconference.com

LiveText Luncheon - Invitation Only (Complimentary)
Visit the LiveText exhibit to confirm space availability for the luncheon and demonstration. Take advantage of this opportunity to see LiveText's new generation learning and assessment solution in action. Ask questions, share ideas, and hear firsthand how other institutions are partnering with LiveText to successfully meet WASC requirements.

To learn more, visit http://www.livetext.com.

Bronze Sponsors

Gain fast, accurate access into your faculty's teaching, research and service accomplishments to streamline accreditation and fulfill WASC reporting requirements. At the same time simplify preparing annual faculty activity reports, promotion and tenure documents, CVs and more while keeping your faculty's profiles on your campus website always up-to-date. More than 60% of the 500 largest campuses of higher education leverage Digital Measures software.

To learn more, visit http://www.digitalmeasures.com.

At nonprofit ETS, we advance quality and equity in education for people worldwide by creating high-quality assessments based on rigorous research. Institutions of higher education rely on ETS to help them demonstrate student learning outcomes and promote student success and institutional effectiveness. ETS is proud to introduce the HEIghtenTM Outcomes Assessments, a new suite of general education assessments, customizable to meet your institution’s needs to provide evidence of student learning outcomes.

To learn more, visit http://www.ets.org/highered.

Brass Sponsors

Almich & Associates

Almich & Associates is a Certified Public Accounting and Business Services firm headquartered in Lake Forest, California and focused on the specific needs of organizations involved in postsecondary education.  Founded in 1992, the Firm has grown and currently provides services to both for-profit and non-profit institutions in more than 25 states nationwide. Firm services include annual financial statement and SFA compliance audits, including OMB Circular A-133 reporting, special attestations as required by the U.S. Department of Education and other regulatory bodies, merger and acquisition diligence and advisement, tax structuring, planning and compliance, and sector marketing and operational benchmarking.

To learn more, visit http://www.almichcpa.com.
Campus Labs

Campus Labs empowers institutions to make valuable connections with their data. We offer a complete set of integrated solutions for areas such as assessment, retention, teaching and learning, student engagement, and institutional effectiveness. We’re proud to serve more than 750 public and private colleges and universities.

To learn more, visit http://www.campuslabs.com/.

DIGARC leads the way with expertly built catalog and curriculum solutions backed by “crazy responsive” customer care. Acalog™ our groundbreaking catalog product, engages students and prospects with a rich set of web features, including a mobile-friendly interface Working seamlessly with Acalog, Curriculog™ streamlines curriculum reviews and approval processes.

To learn more, visit http://www.digarc.org.

IDEA, a non-profit organization established in 1975, improves learning in higher education through quality research, effective assessment systems, and professional development for both faculty and administrators.

To learn more, visit http://www.IDEAedu.org.
Invoke Solutions

Invoke Solutions is a software company that develops and supports the CoursEval product administered to over 300 colleges and universities worldwide for accreditation and promotional purposes. A cost-effective, online evaluation tool, CoursEval provides instructors, students, and administrators with critical feedback used to foster the continual improvement of teaching and learning, and ultimately student success.

To learn more, visit http://www.course-evaluation.com.
Peg Jackson & Associates

Peg Jackson & Associates specializes in compliance and accreditation solutions for institutions of higher education (IHE). Drs. Peg and Paul Jackson have assisted their IHE clients with emergency preparation, compliance with Campus SaVE stipulations, Clery Reports, operational resumption planning , faculty training and accreditation projects. Stop by our booth to schedule a complimentary one-hour consultation.

To learn more, visit http://www.pegjackson.com.
Peregrine Academic Services

Peregrine Academic Services is the globally recognized leader in providing online exam services for colleges and universities related to program-level assessment, academic leveling, and APA writing style competency. We also provide leadership developmentstrategic planning, and academic consulting services for higher education institutions and academic organizations. 

Programmatic assessment exams are available for Business AdministrationAccounting and FinanceEarly Childhood EducationHealthcare AdministrationGeneral EducationCriminal Justice, and Public Administration academic degree programs. Using an Inbound Exam/Outbound Exam assessment construct (programmatic pre-test/post-test) to determine initial knowledge levels and assess retained student knowledge allows academic officials to benchmark student performance against specific aggregate pools and determine the value-added by the institution based upon the student's academic experience.


Proctor U

ProctorU provides distance proctoring services for institutions that offer examinations online. The service gives examinees the convenience of testing at home and instructors the ability to ensure exam security.

A three-step process confirms that the individual who registers for an exam is the person who is taking the exam and is following the institution’s testing requirements. Using webcams and screen-sharing technology, exam monitors can see a test-taker, see what they are doing and know who they are monitoring. ProctorU has administered over one million exams and offers live, person-to-person, real-time invigilation to over 700 colleges, universities and certification organizations worldwide. 

To learn more, visit http://www.proctoru.com.

Taskstream provides proven, reliable, and user-friendly technology and supporting services that helps institutions focus more clearly on improving student learning outcomes and institutional quality. Since 2000, hundreds of institutions have relied on Taskstream to efficiently manage the full cycle of outcomes assessment and prepare for accreditation.

To learn more, visit http://www.taskstream.com.
The Learning House, Inc.

The Learning House, Inc., through its proprietary cloud-based technology platform, helps colleges and universities create, manage and grow high-quality online degree programs and courses. Partnering with more than 75 schools, Learning House enables institutions to efficiently and affordably achieve their online education goals. Services include product development and market research, marketing and lead generation, enrollment management, student retention, curriculum development and management, faculty training and professional development, learning management systems and 24/7 technical support.

To learn more, visit http://www.LearningHouse.com.

Tk20 simplifies assessment and accreditation by combining all the tools you need into one comprehensive solution that’s easy to use and tailored to fit your school. Extensive reporting and analytics give you a complete view of student learning and institutional effectiveness, making accreditation reviews easier than ever. Known for our collaborative approach and unrivaled service excellence, we give clients a voice in our product development so that we’re able to continuously improve Tk20 with customized solutions that put the institution’s needs first. With ongoing support and expert guidance for the life of every partnership, Tk20 offers a better way forward.

To learn more, visit http://www.tk20.com.

Tutor.com’s individualized learning services give students access to 3,100 subject-matter expert tutors anytime, from any Internet-enabled device. By combining one-to-one tutoring with diagnostic evaluations, Tutor.com also helps your faculty increase engagement and gives you early visibility into student challenges. Tutor.com is the industry-leader, having delivered 13 million sessions since 2001.


Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise applications empowering people in service organizations. Unit4 and Three Rivers Systems have now joined forces to deliver the first end-to-end, next-generation education management software solution that will directly empower your institution to deliver on institutional growth, boost student success, deliver research excellence and improve institutional effectiveness. With annual revenue over US $550M and more than 4,000 employees world-wide, Unit4 delivers ERP, industry-focused and best-in-class applications. Thousands of organizations from sectors including professional services, education, public services, non-profit, travel, wholesale and financial services benefit from Unit4 solutions. Unit4 is in business for people.

To learn more, visit http://www.unit4.com/us.
Vcamp360 Powered by Savant

Vcamp360 is the most effective online learning platform that supports the faculty’s need for unrestricted academic creativity and the students’ need for consistency and clarity. Vcamp360 allows students and instructors to learn the same way they do in the classroom– online. By maintaining a learning model that mirrors the way people have taught and learned for centuries, faculty can more easily transition their lessons to an online environment. This simple and intuitive approach is what drives everything we do at Vcamp360.

To learn more, visit http://www.vcamp360.com/.