Friday April 8, 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Early: $135 Advance: $150 Onsite: $175
W7 - Developing Images for Teaching and Learning Critical Thinking

Typically those of us in higher education are challenged to connect abstract concepts in our courses to concrete experience, even though it is essential for creating knowledge and understanding.  In this workshop, participants will be engaged in the visual creation of concepts, and Dr. Wood will also share his data and examples from students and faculty of their understanding of critical thinking.  Given that 30% of the human brain is devoted to vision, being able to see the processes we want to embody in students can make a real difference. So, join your WSCUC colleagues and create visual images to construct concrete learning experiences for development of critical thinking. 

Swarup Wood
California State University, Monterey Bay

Swarup Wood is a Professor of Chemistry for an economics and policy infused environmental science degree at California State University at Monterey Bay.  He has held leadership positions in general education, assessment, and accreditation for the past fifteen years, and presented widely on outcomes-based assessment.  Dr. Wood currently coordinates the First Year Seminar program, and serves as co-coordinator of CSUMB’s critical thinking and information literacy assessment.